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Album Review




Track List:

  1. わるつ
  2. 子豚のぶーちゃん
  3. 目やに
  4. 心の形
  5. くたばれPTA
  6. 自由帳
  7. 夜行性ニワトリ行進曲
  8. 死にたがり
  9. なれのはて

Outside the Window- a most fitting name for the first album of one of the more unusual producers in the Vocaloid community, Nashimoto Ui.  A relatively new member of the scene with his first  Vocaloid debut on Nico Nico Douga on February 23, 2009 (source), Nashimoto quickly caught the community’s attention with his mellow beats, simplistic art style,  and his often provocative lyrics.  Nashimoto’s style of blending  rock with lyrical content that clashes with this musical style elevates Vocaloid music to new heights that would have never been thought possible before.

Musically, Nashimoto opts for a  mellow rock style that is very easy on the ears and is quite catchy.  Although his music is very light compared to Otetsu, Nashimoto’s  style certainly carries its own charm which is unique to Nashimoto and is something that only Nashimoto can produce.  Technically speaking however, his music is not too impressive compared to his peers.  Most of his songs are composed of simple riffs and is rarely technically adventurous.  Despite this, Nashimoto manages to produce some very catchy beats and melodies for his songs.  Of course, Nashimoto’ strong point and his main allure isn’t in how technically impressive he is with the guitar, but with the content of his songs.

When discussing Nashimoto, you must include the content of his songs or you will never do Nashimoto justice.  More often than not, Nashimoto’s lyrics and content of his songs are: dark, cynical, and extremely sardonic.  However, Nashimoto writes his songs in such a way that his songs not emo- meaning, that his songs are not about faltered love or relationships, but the content of his songs can be seen as social commentary in a very dark humor kind of way.  “死にたがり” for example, criticizes people who wishes to die but never progresses to anything more than just talking on the internet.  On the surface, Nashimoto may seem callous in making a song that encourages suicide, but once you start to dig deeper in the song, Nashimoto is not so much encouraging suicide, but criticizing people who both are too afraid to push themselves out of their comfort zone and actually commit to their words.  On top of that, he is also criticizing those that simply want attention by proclaiming they will commit suicide or through some other extravagant event.  Nashimoto’s lyrics are certainly heavy but he brilliantly combines his emotionally heavy lyrics with a very light rock style that makes his songs a joy to listen to every time.

Of course, when discussing Vocaloid music, how can you ignore the actual singer? Nashimoto’s Vocaloid of choice is Hatsune Miku.  Nashimoto offsets the darkness of his lyrics by using a Hatsune Miku that has a very bright voice that sounds incredibly innocent almost to the point where it almost seems like the singer has no idea what she is actually singing about.  This brilliant move by Nashimoto elevates his musical quality to new heights that was never seen in the Vocaloid community before.

Nashimoto Ui is a very unique producer in the Vocaloid community.  His works are dark and cynical, yet his musical style betrays the content of his songs by using mellow melodies at times and using a very bright and innocently tuned Hatsune Miku to create a work that stands out from the rest of the Vocaloid musical scene as something that is uniquely, “Nashimoto-p”.




otetsu has always been a favorite of mine, his style tends to be very guitar-heavy, sometimes with some piano or techno mixed. He’s also a very big Luka user, so those who like her should check him out.

Track list :
02.transient dream
08.Child’s Garden
10.星屑ユートピア(Fantasie-Piano remix)

02. transient dream – This is one of the songs with piano, which otetsu utilizes to graet affect. And it thst violin I hear…? It all works rather well, and I fing that I very much like the use of Gumi in this song. There’s a point during the bridge where it sounds like fe’s put her through autotune or something, and the overall affect of over-technifying very much fits as the instrumentals cut out during this. Very nice.

03.廃日 – Now, I’ve never been one for Gakupo, but it seems to be because I’ve never heard him do this kind of music. He sounds very nice with the guitar in this song. This one tends more toward punk or metal, no piano or techno or other, just sweet guitar. Oh, and some awesome drums.

07.荊 –  This one starts out sounding like it will be techno, but then there are violins and piano and waltz and what is going on here. This one’s a Miku song, kind of slow, but the guitar against the strings makes it sound like a kind of sad Western. I love how the chorus starts out, it builds up really well, and the strings sound super cool with the drums and guitar, which are even cooler on the tight waltzy timing. All in all, this is one of my favorite tracks on the album (My favorite being Child’s Garden, which I will not go into here because I plan to do the single at some point).

Fantastic album, I definitely recommend it, especially if you like rock, punk, or lots of Luka.

Heaven (Literally)

(On PB’s Site: http://www.polyphonicbranch.com/heaven.htm)

Delicious Polyphonic Branch ~ Not too many tracks on this one, so the awesome is in HIGHLY CONCENTRATED DOSES. You have been warned.

1. 忘却アリス
2. 太陽と月のロンド
3. Cure
4. 恋桜
5. Heavenly
– Bonus Track –
6.太陽と月のロンド Rin & Len Ver.

1. 忘却アリスhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=el_TZIV1N5Y – This one is very nice from a technical perspective: PB does some cool thing with Miku’s voice, such as squeals and warbling on long notes, which really fits the song. Very nice guitar, and the lyrics are just the amount of creepy you’d expect from a song entitled “Oblivion Alice”.

2. 太陽と月のロンドhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXw2lAukXtI – I really advise watching the PV on this one. The animation is beautiful, and the song goes along perfectly with it. This was the first PB song I heard, and it has a certain ‘Anime Appeal’ that many people have found in PB’s works. Very good if you like something with a story.


Intro and a review

Hello all, falugalob here and this is my first post as a contributor to this blog so I better not say anything stupid lol.

Right now I’m a noob at japanese but I’m starting to subtitle vocaloid videos and posting them on youtube. I’ll get them here eventually when there’s a considerable amount.

I also do some primitive art here and there, I’ll post that if I ever do a good one.

Now other than saying hi and all that other useless stuff, I’m going to do a review following somewhat the format of forcedanonymity.


avtechno cover

DL link (from luciaforum so thanks if he/she/they can read english): http://www.mediafire.com/?o3ealicarb3s084

Everyone loves AVTechNO! and he needs more lovin’ after the whole thing with DYE and all. This album contains some of his latest work and is indeed very awesome.

Track list:
1. Darkness 6 (feat.鏡音レン)
2. 9 (feat.巡音ルカ)
3. +(Plus) (feat.初音ミク)
4. -(Minus) (feat.初音ミク)
5. FREE (feat.巡音ルカ&初音ミク)
6. kimi no / SAKURA (feat.初音ミク)
7. / soba ni (feat.初音ミク)
8. ZOU+ millstones…Remix (feat.初音ミク)
9. desire 8#Prince…Remix (feat.初音ミク)
10. boku-boku SuketchP…Remix (feat.初音ミク)
11. NEL Dog tails…Remix (feat.初音ミク)
12. believe (feat.SAIYA)

The most notable tracks to me include:

1. Darkness 6 (feat.鏡音レン)  -This I believe is a remix of the song “6” originally sung by Miku. Don’t even bother listening to the original, this remix beats it in every way. Len sounds very cool and the melody was changed from the original for the better. Epic instrumentals.

3. +(Plus) (feat.初音ミク) -This song is kinda like a AVTechNO! oddball it’s actually more of a rock song and it’s very good. AV should do more songs like this. Not only that but the idea of having opposing songs was very cool. This song is “+” or the positive side, the lyrics reflect this; a song about hope and perseverance.

4. -(Minus) (feat.初音ミク) -While this is “-” the minus or negative. This song is much heavier with extreme guitar usage. I always listen to the two songs together, cause that’s how I roll.

Very enjoyable album overall.

And that’s it for my first post, thanks all.

Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu

DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?82jh8j3daqxbdfz

Some could say this album (and it’s title song) has been done to death, but this place is empty, and I think it’s a good starting point; I’ve never reviewed anything before. Since this is my first review, I think I should also point out that when I review, I will probably do individual song reviews of two or three tracks, along with a review of the album as a whole.

Track list :
10.Hatsune Miku No Shoushitsu

02.初音ミクとあそぼぅ!! —  This one’s a pretty fun, upbeat song – I think I hear a train at the beginning. Miku’s voice is very high-pitched for this one, which fits, of course, and makes me think this sounds a bit OSTER-Project-ish, which is fine. The instrumentals are great, as always. I’ve always loved how cosMo does more of what I guess you’d call “unconventional music”; that is, he uses more than just instruments to play out the story.

10.Hatsune Miku No Shoushitsu — Well, well, well… What can be said about this fantastiballs song that hasn’t already been said? The thing I love most about this song has got to be the strings in the background- well, that, and damn, those drums are blowin’ my mind. This song is the cause of manly tears everywhere, and with good reason. I’d really like to see cosMo do a version with Append, but this is honestly the song that defines Vocaloid in my opinion.

13.初音ミクの激唱 — This song, THIS GODDAMN SONG. I first heard this one when I got Project DIVA 2nd this Christmas, and the version on there is just the second half, which is beautiful on it’s own. Of course, I fell in love with it. This song just makes me want to do something, it just has that sort of encouraging feeling behind it. I love how the entire song sounds like a preparation for something. After reading the lyrics, I like to think of this one as an account of Miku’s ascension to Heaven after Shoushitsu, or Miku becoming the singing GODDESS that we all know she is. If you haven’t seen the Project DIVA PV, Go see it. RIGHT NOW. I cried, no joke. I love how it seems Miku is reassuring you, even though she was uninstalled, she will continue to sing forever. Truly, truly beautiful. Anyone who calls themself a Vocaloid fan should have this song.

I absolutely adored this album. Each and every song shows more and more that cosMo knows what he’s doing, and all I can say is that I hope to god he keeps doing it. Five stars, and you can take that to the bank.