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Track List:

  1. わるつ
  2. 子豚のぶーちゃん
  3. 目やに
  4. 心の形
  5. くたばれPTA
  6. 自由帳
  7. 夜行性ニワトリ行進曲
  8. 死にたがり
  9. なれのはて

Outside the Window- a most fitting name for the first album of one of the more unusual producers in the Vocaloid community, Nashimoto Ui.  A relatively new member of the scene with his first  Vocaloid debut on Nico Nico Douga on February 23, 2009 (source), Nashimoto quickly caught the community’s attention with his mellow beats, simplistic art style,  and his often provocative lyrics.  Nashimoto’s style of blending  rock with lyrical content that clashes with this musical style elevates Vocaloid music to new heights that would have never been thought possible before.

Musically, Nashimoto opts for a  mellow rock style that is very easy on the ears and is quite catchy.  Although his music is very light compared to Otetsu, Nashimoto’s  style certainly carries its own charm which is unique to Nashimoto and is something that only Nashimoto can produce.  Technically speaking however, his music is not too impressive compared to his peers.  Most of his songs are composed of simple riffs and is rarely technically adventurous.  Despite this, Nashimoto manages to produce some very catchy beats and melodies for his songs.  Of course, Nashimoto’ strong point and his main allure isn’t in how technically impressive he is with the guitar, but with the content of his songs.

When discussing Nashimoto, you must include the content of his songs or you will never do Nashimoto justice.  More often than not, Nashimoto’s lyrics and content of his songs are: dark, cynical, and extremely sardonic.  However, Nashimoto writes his songs in such a way that his songs not emo- meaning, that his songs are not about faltered love or relationships, but the content of his songs can be seen as social commentary in a very dark humor kind of way.  “死にたがり” for example, criticizes people who wishes to die but never progresses to anything more than just talking on the internet.  On the surface, Nashimoto may seem callous in making a song that encourages suicide, but once you start to dig deeper in the song, Nashimoto is not so much encouraging suicide, but criticizing people who both are too afraid to push themselves out of their comfort zone and actually commit to their words.  On top of that, he is also criticizing those that simply want attention by proclaiming they will commit suicide or through some other extravagant event.  Nashimoto’s lyrics are certainly heavy but he brilliantly combines his emotionally heavy lyrics with a very light rock style that makes his songs a joy to listen to every time.

Of course, when discussing Vocaloid music, how can you ignore the actual singer? Nashimoto’s Vocaloid of choice is Hatsune Miku.  Nashimoto offsets the darkness of his lyrics by using a Hatsune Miku that has a very bright voice that sounds incredibly innocent almost to the point where it almost seems like the singer has no idea what she is actually singing about.  This brilliant move by Nashimoto elevates his musical quality to new heights that was never seen in the Vocaloid community before.

Nashimoto Ui is a very unique producer in the Vocaloid community.  His works are dark and cynical, yet his musical style betrays the content of his songs by using mellow melodies at times and using a very bright and innocently tuned Hatsune Miku to create a work that stands out from the rest of the Vocaloid musical scene as something that is uniquely, “Nashimoto-p”.