damn, these robots can sing

World is Ours: Part 1 – Catching the Eye

(inspired by Boku from Mikuchan)

AN: Feel free to leave any comments regarding improvements I can make, if you wish. Constructive criticism and support are always welcome!

I woke up for school that Friday, expecting a normal, boring day. Sure, there was a pep rally for the last two class periods that day, but I would hardly call that attention grabbing, much less peppy. Oh well, any excuse to break the mold – however slightly – of my typically regimented schedule. I showered, dressed, brushed and straightened my hair, ate breakfast, drank my first Ale-8 of the day, the norm. After being driven to school by my dad, I was completely convinced that it was my archetypal day. My premature assumption would soon be proven wrong.

Walking up the steps in the frigid cold of February towards the front door of the building, I tried to select which song I would replay in my mind for the rest of the day. I’m one of the few people who enjoys music stuck in his head, it seems. Ah, Ura-Omote Lovers. Good choice, me. Humming the tune to myself, I walked inside.

I noticed something about the foyer’s air. School wasn’t exactly first place on the list of things that made me comfortable, but the atmosphere exceeded the realm of awkwardness into what I would almost call unsettling. Walking through the foyer towards the hallway leading to my class, I tried to listen to what was happening. A steady wave of bottled laughter emanated from the left-most hallway towards the intersection in front of me.

All fell silent – well, at least for me, in my state of shock – when she walked into my view. She carried a thin coat, presumably for the cold weather, creating a stark disparity with the rest of her outfit. Detached sleeves, a skirt – let’s just say it isn’t what I would suggest when it is thirty degrees Fahrenheit. But, of course, that wasn’t what my eyes (or anybody else’s, for that matter) were drawn to. The gorgeous lengthy pigtailed locks of cerulean were more than enough to give people trouble in stifling their giggles. I thought that surely it couldn’t be her. Surely it couldn’t be Miku. She was just a program. It must be one of the students trying to be “hardcore” or something like that. I kept quiet, in partial doubt and total awe.

Unfortunately for her, there was one who didn’t retain silence, or even common courtesy. It just so happened that I had had some experience with this person, none of it earning him any of my respect. He had it in is head that he had to victimize, and then sexualize every female he met, and every guy that stood in his way was subjected to ridicule and, on occasion, mild injury. I got enough of the former, but the latter didn’t sound like a step in the right direction, either.

“Hey, are you lost?” he spoke up. Huh? Was he going to actually be agreeable for once?

Miku(?) replied, “Yes, actually. How did you know?” My heart skipped a beat, or more accurately, six or seven. I couldn’t mistake that voice, even if it wasn’t using its native tongue. This was the real Miku. But how? As I slipped into a state of half-consciousness, the brute began to finish up his spiel.

“It occurred to me that you might be looking to find your way back to that planet you came from!” he burst with an arrogant crescendo. Dammit, he was still the same guy I’d always known him as. The insult was enough to cause Miku to step back in intimidation. It was more than enough to snap me out of my trance and fill me with anger. It appeared as if he was about to take a step towards her, but this opportunity wasn’t about to pass me by.

“Hey, Alex,” I spoke up, nearly shaking in fear, “why don’t you fuck off and leave her alone?” And there I went swearing in front of girls, Miku no less. As I hoped she wouldn’t mind, I decided to continue. “Don’t you have better things to do than insult ladies like this? Like maybe learning? You’re in a school, so you could probably find some knowledge to fill that empty head of yours if you tried.” Wow, I didn’t think I could come up with something like that. I mean, the structure of it was generic, but I guess I was just thankful that I was in a proper place to insult his intelligence.

As he raised his hand, presumably to strike me, I flinched, expecting as much. Suddenly, the final warning bell for the classes rang, reminding him that he must actually have better things to do. Resisting the urge to make a Saved by the Bell joke, and quite frankly, too scared to do so, I stood and watched as he walked off, glaring at me all the while.

“Thank you so much!” came a squeal from behind me. During my turn towards the voice, I felt a pair of arms clasp themselves around my upper back. Realizing that it was Miku, I seemed to melt (no pun intended) in her grasp. Quickly regaining as much sangfroid as I could, I returned the hug.

After releasing, I began to head off to class, expecting her to follow. To my demise, she stood there in the intersection with a confused expression. Feeling the urgency of getting to class on time, I grabbed her hand and did my best to weave her through the final few clusters of people into Chemistry class.


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