damn, these robots can sing



otetsu has always been a favorite of mine, his style tends to be very guitar-heavy, sometimes with some piano or techno mixed. He’s also a very big Luka user, so those who like her should check him out.

Track list :
02.transient dream
08.Child’s Garden
10.星屑ユートピア(Fantasie-Piano remix)

02. transient dream – This is one of the songs with piano, which otetsu utilizes to graet affect. And it thst violin I hear…? It all works rather well, and I fing that I very much like the use of Gumi in this song. There’s a point during the bridge where it sounds like fe’s put her through autotune or something, and the overall affect of over-technifying very much fits as the instrumentals cut out during this. Very nice.

03.廃日 – Now, I’ve never been one for Gakupo, but it seems to be because I’ve never heard him do this kind of music. He sounds very nice with the guitar in this song. This one tends more toward punk or metal, no piano or techno or other, just sweet guitar. Oh, and some awesome drums.

07.荊 –  This one starts out sounding like it will be techno, but then there are violins and piano and waltz and what is going on here. This one’s a Miku song, kind of slow, but the guitar against the strings makes it sound like a kind of sad Western. I love how the chorus starts out, it builds up really well, and the strings sound super cool with the drums and guitar, which are even cooler on the tight waltzy timing. All in all, this is one of my favorite tracks on the album (My favorite being Child’s Garden, which I will not go into here because I plan to do the single at some point).

Fantastic album, I definitely recommend it, especially if you like rock, punk, or lots of Luka.


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