damn, these robots can sing

Intro and a review

Hello all, falugalob here and this is my first post as a contributor to this blog so I better not say anything stupid lol.

Right now I’m a noob at japanese but I’m starting to subtitle vocaloid videos and posting them on youtube. I’ll get them here eventually when there’s a considerable amount.

I also do some primitive art here and there, I’ll post that if I ever do a good one.

Now other than saying hi and all that other useless stuff, I’m going to do a review following somewhat the format of forcedanonymity.


avtechno cover

DL link (from luciaforum so thanks if he/she/they can read english): http://www.mediafire.com/?o3ealicarb3s084

Everyone loves AVTechNO! and he needs more lovin’ after the whole thing with DYE and all. This album contains some of his latest work and is indeed very awesome.

Track list:
1. Darkness 6 (feat.鏡音レン)
2. 9 (feat.巡音ルカ)
3. +(Plus) (feat.初音ミク)
4. -(Minus) (feat.初音ミク)
5. FREE (feat.巡音ルカ&初音ミク)
6. kimi no / SAKURA (feat.初音ミク)
7. / soba ni (feat.初音ミク)
8. ZOU+ millstones…Remix (feat.初音ミク)
9. desire 8#Prince…Remix (feat.初音ミク)
10. boku-boku SuketchP…Remix (feat.初音ミク)
11. NEL Dog tails…Remix (feat.初音ミク)
12. believe (feat.SAIYA)

The most notable tracks to me include:

1. Darkness 6 (feat.鏡音レン)  -This I believe is a remix of the song “6” originally sung by Miku. Don’t even bother listening to the original, this remix beats it in every way. Len sounds very cool and the melody was changed from the original for the better. Epic instrumentals.

3. +(Plus) (feat.初音ミク) -This song is kinda like a AVTechNO! oddball it’s actually more of a rock song and it’s very good. AV should do more songs like this. Not only that but the idea of having opposing songs was very cool. This song is “+” or the positive side, the lyrics reflect this; a song about hope and perseverance.

4. -(Minus) (feat.初音ミク) -While this is “-” the minus or negative. This song is much heavier with extreme guitar usage. I always listen to the two songs together, cause that’s how I roll.

Very enjoyable album overall.

And that’s it for my first post, thanks all.


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