damn, these robots can sing

Heaven (Literally)

(On PB’s Site: http://www.polyphonicbranch.com/heaven.htm)

Delicious Polyphonic Branch ~ Not too many tracks on this one, so the awesome is in HIGHLY CONCENTRATED DOSES. You have been warned.

1. 忘却アリス
2. 太陽と月のロンド
3. Cure
4. 恋桜
5. Heavenly
– Bonus Track –
6.太陽と月のロンド Rin & Len Ver.

1. 忘却アリスhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=el_TZIV1N5Y – This one is very nice from a technical perspective: PB does some cool thing with Miku’s voice, such as squeals and warbling on long notes, which really fits the song. Very nice guitar, and the lyrics are just the amount of creepy you’d expect from a song entitled “Oblivion Alice”.

2. 太陽と月のロンドhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXw2lAukXtI – I really advise watching the PV on this one. The animation is beautiful, and the song goes along perfectly with it. This was the first PB song I heard, and it has a certain ‘Anime Appeal’ that many people have found in PB’s works. Very good if you like something with a story.



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